Loved Up Visitors Reveal Partner is First Choice Cellmate | Inveraray Jail

Loved Up Visitors Reveal Partner is First Choice Cellmate

An on-going visitor poll at the Jail, has estimated that the majority of its visitors over the last 18 months would most like to share a cell with their spouse or partner.

Marilyn & Billy in Inveraray! See below!

The poll gives visitors to the 19th century courthouse and living prison in Argyll the opportunity to reveal who they would most like to share a prison cell with and who they would most like to see locked up.

Whilst a partner or spouse was on top of the visitor’s cellmate wish list, following second was Scots comedian Billy Connolly, third place Brad Pitt and fourth place George Clooney. UK glamour model Katie Price rated fifth on the wish list whilst at the same time rating fourth in who they would like to see locked up. Top on the “Lock Up” list was former PM Gordon Brown followed by second place Tony Blair, third place Sir Fred Goodwin of the Royal Bank of Scotland and “a relative” came in fifth place.

Other names contributed to the cellmate wish list included Marilyn Monroe, Zac Efron, Lady GaGa and Cheryl Cole as well as comedians Russell Brand, Lee Evans and Michael Macintyre. More recently, the “Go Compare” man, from the insurance comparison website‘s TV advertisement, is a popular suggestion amongst those on the Lock Up list.

Our Staff, Hanna as Marilyn & Kenny as Billy!

Our visitors always have great fun completing the poll cards. The results every month tend to reflect the range of age groups that come here every year, from children to grandparents, as well as what is going on in the current climate. Plus, we are delighted to see a spouse or partner at the top of the list. Perhaps it is the romantic effect a holiday in Argyll has!

Entries where taken from some of the over 100,000 visitors to the Jail in the last 18 months. The visitor questionnaires give visitors the opportunity to name anyone they wish and are available at the end of their visit in the kitchen at the jail.

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