Discover Inveraray Jail this year with myhotelbreak | Inveraray Jail

Discover Inveraray Jail this year with myhotelbreak

We did a recent collaboration with We wanted to know why their customers loved visiting Inveraray Jail and this is what they had to say:

Some of the best parts about a hotel break are having exceptional attractions near to where you’re staying. For our guests looking for hotels in Inveraray then we highly suggest visiting one of the most unique attractions in the country, Inveraray Jail.

Take yourself back in time to the 19th century prison at Inveraray. Learn about the trials and tribulations of the men, women, and children who were put on trial and locked up here. Some were very young when they were locked up, as young as seven years old. Delve into the history of the historic buildings and learn from the costumed characters who animate the museum and bring the past to life.

Where do we get started?

There are several parts to the prison to learn about and explore…

Torture, Death and Damnation

The exhibition of where it all starts is in the Torture, Death and Damnation part of the museum. Here you will learn about people who were tortured and other forms of hideous punishments that were carried out before the days of courts. Learn how criminals had ears nailed to posts and how they were branded with hot irons.

The Old Prison

Check out the overcrowded and cramped cells and learn how kids were kept in cells with adult criminals. Navigate the narrow corridors and hear heavy boots as the warden bangs the cell door closed behind you. Prisoners come to life where you can learn about their accounts while inside.

The County Courtroom

This is quite a breath-taking place. Hear about trials from the last 150 year as you sit with the witnesses in the courtroom. The extracts go in-depth about serious alleged crimes that have been committed. You’ll feel the tension in the air as the sentences are passed.

The New Prison

Check out the new prison that was built in 1848. Experience the hammocks and the not so comfy wooden beds. Take a turn to try the crank wheel and get prepared as you’re strapped into the whipping wheel. Learn about the criminals who were held for petty crimes and those even transferred down under to Australia.

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What else should we know?

The other known fact about Inveraray Jail has is its reputation of being haunted. One of Scotland’s most haunted places in fact. The jail hosts several ghost hunt events every year and also hosts overnight paranormal investigators. Find out more on the ghost hunts by clicking here.

Find out more on the experience by viewing videos of the attraction here.

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This is a fantastic attraction to visit for the whole family. Full of fun, excitement and a bit of thrill in-between. When visiting the beautiful Inveraray, take in Inveraray Jail this year and create memories that last.