Escape Room | Inveraray Jail

THE DEBTORS OF 1850 Escape Room

Are you ready for an adventure that will transport you back in time, challenge your wit, and immerse you in history like never before?

‘The Debtors of 1850’ is no ordinary experience. Housed within the original walls of what was once the debtor’s prison, this attraction invites groups of 2 to 6 participants to step into the shoes of 19th-century inmates desperately trying to gather the money to pay off their debt. Will their flair and fortitude, as well as a little help from other characters in the prison, see them make good what they owe and be released before the gate is locked for the night?

Players must be 8 or older. Players under17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Unfortunately, due to the historic nature of the building, the Escape Room is not fully accessible to individuals with mobility issues.

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