Spirit presence ‘felt’ at historic Scots prison | Inveraray Jail

Spirit presence ‘felt’ at historic Scots prison

On the alert!

A psychic medium was said to have picked up a spiritual presence during a real-life ghost hunt at Argyll’s 19th century courthouse and prison, Inveraray Jail, at the weekend.

More than 6,000 men, women and children were tried and served sentences in the jail between 1820 and 1889.

Today, it is a popular visitor attraction and museum at the town of Inveraray, on Loch Fyne.

Paranormal investigations at the jail provide both novices and enthusiasts the opportunity to communicate with the traumatised spirits of old prisoners.

Saturday night’s event, hosted by Ghost Events Scotland, Scotland’s leading paranormal events company, was attended by 16 people.

The evening started with a walk around the location with a psychic mediums.

Mark Turner, paranormal investigator at Ghost Events Scotland, said: “Our psychic medium picked up the presence of a woman in the old prison block. It was thought she was a nasty character who disliked children.”

The event continued in the dark with interactive experiments which included filmed vigils, trigger object experiments, electronic voice phenomenon experiments and a variety of other ghost hunting gadgets.

Ending at 4am yesterday, participants looked at the recordings to see the results.

Mr Turner added: “One of our participants felt a sensation in his ribs as if he had been punched and claimed to have seen a green light moving through the air. A woman also felt that someone was touching her head.

“Our voice recordings, which are recorded below the human hearing frequency, picked up voices in response to questions asked by our participants. It is not clear what is exactly said but there are sounds of loud shouting. Also, in the new prison block, there were sounds of footsteps and tapping.”

The next paranormal investigation at the jail take place on February 20, May 8, September 11 and November 6 next year. Advance booking is essential. For further details www.inverarayjail.co.uk or call 01499 302 381.

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