Sponsored Lock-In for Pipe Band at Inveraray Jail | Inveraray Jail

Sponsored Lock-In for Pipe Band at Inveraray Jail

With a view to raising funds for the band, 15 brave people from Inveraray & District’s Grade 1 band agreed to spend the night in the reputedly very haunted Inveraray Jail. T.V.s “Most Haunted” programme had visited the Jail previously and the experts had encountered a great deal of ghostly goings-on!

No trouble so far!

However the young pipers and drummers, led by Pipe Sergeant Dougie Campbell were hoping not to meet any of the ghostly inmates of the Jail. But to get them in the mood, they decided to watch, “Paranormal Activity” prior to entering!

At 11p.m. they went into the Jail and were shown round by Head Warder, Rob Irons who told them stories of ghostly happenings in the Jail and showed them to the cells where they would spend the night. The girls decided to bed down for the night in one cell with a view to “safety in numbers”.

The boys were more curious and went round the whole building hoping to meet some of the “old prisoners”. Some of them spent a while in the Court House and are convinced that they did indeed experience some strange happenings.

After a sleepless night the team emerged from the Jail at 8a.m., cold and tired but unscathed. They all made it through the night and so earned over £1,000 in sponsor money for band funds.

The band thanked Inveraray Jail for their “hospitality” and head warder, Rob Irons for looking after the band throughout the night.

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